A Word About the Courses

Online Learning

Cartooning in the Age of Covid

Even though your child is enrolled in the physical cartooning class at the West Hartford Art League, I realize that you as a parent face a daunting task in this pandemic regarding education.   With that in mind, I put together this website so the class has an active online component as well which you may or may not use, as you like. Registration is limited to the class only so the social media portion exists within the class bubble.  Any hurtful activity will be shut down permanently.  Registration is good for three months only, until the next session kicks in.

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How to use courses

  • First, watch the lesson video
  • Pause and rewind as needed while drawing along.
  • Finish the drawing before moving to the next lesson.
  • Upload drawings to the class gallery on the website.

There is a simple quid quo pro in art.  The more you draw, the better you get.  That being said, there is a tendency in drawing to make the same mistakes until they become bad habits.  My goal is to introduce children to some good habits that will ease their way into bigger and more complex projects, making their work go easier and therefore less intimidating and more fun.

Elena Steier