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The Comic Strip Capers of the Pokermen

When Thing Don’t Go as Expected

Garfield eats lasagna, but this cat eats Pokermen.

Seizing an Opportunity

Cherrypakha isn’t one to dwell over tragedy, especially when realizing that it might mean a bit of an advancement.

If you can work in an Obscure reference…

Don’t.   Just don’t.


We could very well be sued by Jim Davis.

This is more Chuck Jones

I was hoping to get a little Roadrunner/Coyote action from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.  

A Lame attempt at a Visual Gag

The cat is setting a mousetrap.  You know a gag isn’t working when it needs explaining.

One Panel Gag

A one panel gag exists with a beginning and an end somewhere inferred by the action.  That’s the haiku beauty of a one panel gag.  Check out Gary Larson to see a master at work.

Good Idea Gone Wrong

I can’t draw machinery to save my life, but I like the gag.

Cartoon Characters can never Die

That’s what makes them so fun.

Cuteness Revisited

Sometimes Cute needs a little boost if they want to keep control of a comic strip.

Running Gag

And just like that, shooting a cat in the gut becomes hilarious.

Just When You Think You’ve Won

You find the game’s been rigged all along.