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The Comic Strip Capers of the Pokermen

Add a New Character, Change the Strip

Yes the flying monkey Bilokur is a regular character in the Goth Scouts Strip. He can be very bossy.

When the Running Gag is a hole in the gut

Maybe a hole in the gut isn’t the greatest idea for a running gag in a newspaper strip.   Readers will complain about the violence.

Another running gag

Getting stuck in a situation with an obnoxious person doing obnoxious thing.  Universal set up for hilarity.

Oh I forgot

Another sure fire way to hilarity.

Some ‘Splainin’ to do

Another way to achieve hilarity is to find a humorous way to explain a strange situation.  

More ‘Splainin’

I probably could have punched this gag up with some cool angry lettering  for Cherrypakha.


Tammy is the most fun character to write.  She’s always thinking way out beyond the box.

The Finale

The Cat moves on to bigger and better things.  Taking over a comic strip is only a stepping stone to bigger and greater things.