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The Comic Strip Capers of the Pokermen


Tammy and Lola

Even though I have been playing Pokemon Go nonstop since it came out in 2016, I wrote these comic strips when all I knew about Pokemon was that my classes were filled with fans of the trading card game, circa 2008

Inspired by the Name

Pokemon sounded like Poker man, and poker, as we all know from TV and movie Westerns, is a tough game, played by gamblers.

Another kind of Training

At the center of the game of Pokemon is a trainer whose job it is to get the Pokemon to defeat other Pokemon during a game of cards


Pokermen like Pokemon rely on tournaments to keep their skills sharp.

A Simple Game made Complicated

Conversations about Pokemon showdowns include being zapped by Fireblast and pounded by Iron Cannon.   Now THAT’s a card game!!!!!

A New Trajectory

…But what if the Pokermen weren’t just satisfied being characters in a Trading Card Game.  What if they longed for something bigger?

Game On!

It turns out that when it comes to conquering comic strips, fire power is nothing compared to the devastating power of cuteness.

My Friend Cheryl

Since I wrote these strips around the time of my friend Cheryl’s birthday, I threw her in as a character.  She loved it!

Why Anyone would bother taking over a Comic Strip

I have a feeling these Pokermen are thinking “Garfield”.

Cute Means a Cat

The Pokermen confront a truth that all comic strip artists have to confront when submitting strips for syndication: You never quite know what the editor wants.

Calling the Wrong Number

If the editor wants a cat, you give the editor a cat, even if it takes a few phone calls to get one.

The Power Play

Doing what the editor wants, doesn’t mean you get the expected results.