Fun with a Simple Circle

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This course is all about a shape called the circle. It may seem simple, BUT if you are an artist, you know the importance of simple. Even Leonardo DaVinci started his drawings with simple shapes. Too many kids dive into drawing without first having a proper education in all the possibilities of what you can do with a circle. So here it is. It starts easy, but by the time this course ends, you will have all the knowledge about the circle shape to draw characters like a pro!

Course Instructor

Elena Steier Elena Steier Author

Elena has been teaching cartooning to young students at the West Hartford Art League for many, many years.

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Easy Peasy Circle Character

More Advanced Circle Characters

Making your Circle Character look like a Professional Drew it 

Turning a Circle into a Sphere

Creating a Line Up of Round Aliens

Drawing a Line Up of School kid Characters based on  Circle Shapes

Creating Five K-Pop Stars

Shading a Cartoon Circle